Lindsay has the heart of a daily migraine survivor and the mind of a scientist.  She loves speaking to groups about the challenges and the overcoming of living a life in pain.

For migraine sufferers:

How to Thrive When You’re Dying of Pain

Do you have a group of migraine sufferers and/or families and supporters who need an infusion of something valuable?

In her talk, How to Thrive When You’re Dying of Pain, Lindsay addresses the frustration caused by a lack of understanding of chronic migraine disease.

Individuals suffering from chronic migraines may be labeled as whiny and lazy while victims of well-characterized diseases are heralded as survivors and heroes.

Lindsay’s real-life stories of migraine sufferers and novel migraine pain tactics will reinvent your outlook and send you along the road to not just surviving, but thriving during your migraine battle.

This talk is fashioned as a boost for people who may have been through hell, but want to use their experience with pain to forge themselves into something truly awesome.

 For Providers:

Pain Patients are from Mars, Providers are from Venus

The emotional and physical needs of individuals in chronic debilitating pain can be extremely draining. They can sometimes feel like a bottomless pit of need to those who care for them.

When professionals are spending each day meeting these needs, it is normal to feel challenged not to wear out or become callous.

Lindsay’s talk: Pain Patients are from Mars, Providers are from Venus is designed to invigorate doctors, nurses, MA’s, and front desk personnel who work with patients in chronic debilitating pain on a regular basis.

 If there is another specific topic your group would like to discuss, contact her.

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Lindsay accepts the Advocacy Award from the Association of Migraine Disorders.