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Migraine Strategist

Individuals suffering from chronic migraines have goals and desires like everyone else, yet even the simplest accomplishment can seem like the loneliest and most frustrating uphill battle.

Lindsay draws from her life-long history of daily migraines and her background as a scientist to help people with chronic, debilitating migraines overcome their pain and frustration to lead happy, fulfilling lives.

Lindsay Weitzel, PhD – author of new children’s graphic novel on migraine, awarded 2018 Advocacy Award. More Info…

Lindsay Weitzel, PhD

Lindsay suffered from chronic daily migraines from the age of four until the age of thirty and knows all too well how helpless, defeated, and misunderstood individuals with migraines can feel. She vividly remembers sitting in the only swing in the shade to keep the sun from hurting her head and eyes. Strange shapes” of migraine auras floated across her vision when she tried to focus on the teacher. By age 15…



Lindsay has the heart of a daily migraine survivor and the mind of a scientist. She loves speaking to groups about the challenges and the overcoming of living a life in pain.

She speaks nationally to groups of migraine sufferers and their families, and to doctors and nurses who work every day with patients suffering from unrelenting chronic pain.


For Children


A book for young superheroes whose lives are affected by migraines.

The Super Zoe Coloring Book

For Kids and for Adults!

"Some black and white 'coloring pages' from Super-Zoe for people to download for free and mindlessly color when they have a migraine. They are mostly for kids but I would like adults to feel that they can color them too (seriously, I do it!)"

~ Lindsay


For Adults


From a lifelong sentence of daily migraines and CRPS… to a life.

Are you ready for your customized strategy?

When you schedule your 1 on 1 session with Lindsay, you’ll fill out a questionnaire that will help build your custom migraine strategy! Ready?   


My purpose in this blog is to use my background as a medical scientist and expertise to review the current medical literature that is relevant to migraine/pain patients in a rational, and hopefully more complete and accurate manner than the news media. Please do not mistake any information on this site as personal medical advice. Nor should you alter any treatment plan without consulting your physician.

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