The Super Zoe Coloring Book

Super Zoe

For Kids and adventurist Adults! Zoe is a spunky, awesome kid who happens to get migraines. Sometimes, really bad ones.

When Zoe gets a migraine, she doesn’t know if it will be a SO-SO day or a BUMMER day. When a BUMMER day happens, she has learned that if she does at least one thing that will put her in a better place tomorrow than she is today, it will turn into a SUPER day… a day that she knows she can create.

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Want to talk to Lindsay about building a rock wall against migraine?

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Individuals suffering from chronic migraines have goals and desires like everyone else, yet even the simplest accomplishment can seem like the loneliest and most frustrating uphill battle.

Lindsay draws from her life-long history of daily migraines and her background as a scientist to help people with chronic, debilitating migraines overcome their pain and frustration to lead happy, fulfilling lives.

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