Super Zoe the Migraine Hero

Zoe is a spunky, awesome kid who happens to get migraines.

Super Zoe the Migraine Hero empowers kids with migraines and lets them know they are not alone. Zoe reminds them they can be confident, happy and successful even when pain makes it challenging; sometimes extremely challenging.

Written for children age 6 and up, but also a fun gift for adventurous adults with migraines.


Super Zoe the Migraine Hero

Why Kids Love Super-Zoe! I LOVE the book…I especially like the inflammo-villains! —Caroline age 11

Zoe teaches you that you can feel sick but feel tough and powerful at the same time. -Amelia, age 9

I have migraines sometimes …Zoe made me feel like a superhero. -Jake, age 8

Super-ZOE the Migraine Hero provides an uplifting message of empowerment when dealing with severe pain. Dr. Weitzel s writing and illustrations literally take readers into young Zoe’s brain where they can relate to her feeling so overwhelmed when a migraine hits. Super-ZOE shows just how much a kid can succeed by focusing on doing one positive thing. Thank you Dr. Weitzel. -Lynn Hornick, NP Chronic Pain Specialist

Awarded 2018 Advocacy Award by The Association of Migraine Disorders

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The Super Zoe Coloring Book

For Kids and for Adults!

"Some black and white 'coloring pages' from Super-Zoe for people to download for free and mindlessly color when they have a migraine. They are mostly for kids but I would like adults to feel that they can color them too (seriously, I do it!)"

~ Lindsay

Dying of Pain

From a lifelong sentence of daily migraines and CRPS… to a life.

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