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Migraine Strategist

Individuals suffering from chronic migraines have goals and desires like everyone else, yet even the simplest accomplishment can seem like the loneliest and most frustrating uphill battle.

Lindsay draws from her life-long history of daily migraines and her background as a scientist to help people with chronic, debilitating migraines overcome their pain and frustration to lead happy, fulfilling lives.

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    Lindsay was only a preschooler when her chronic migraines began, and she had to develop skills to overcome them in all phases of life. She has lived through the frustration and loneliness of being stuck in the vortex of migraine pain.

    Migraine sufferers have forged inside of them a strength that the pain leaves unrecognized. Lindsay helps them harness and direct that strength, giving them the power to improve their pain and thrive.

    You can get to a more positive, happy, and productive place.

    Don’t try to do it alone.

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    Lindsay has the heart of a daily migraine survivor and the mind of a scientist. She loves speaking to groups about the challenges and the overcoming of living a life in pain.

    Lindsay’s real-life stories of migraine sufferers and novel migraine pain tactics will reinvent your outlook and send you along the road to not just surviving, but thriving during your migraine battle.

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    Lindsay developed a methodology to get through every phase of her life with migraine disease from preschool to grad school, pregnancy and parenting. Using this experience and her medical science knowledge, she now devotes her time as a Migraine Strategist helping children and adults with chronic migraines decrease the frequency and intensity of their attacks and attain their goals despite their migraine disease.

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