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About Me

Dr. Lindsay Weitzel experienced chronic daily migraine from the time she was four years old until she was thirty.

The experience of constant migraine caused enough damage to give her complex regional pain syndrome (a ceaseless pain like burning fire) down the right side of her face, head, neck, and arm. Lindsay believes that having no memory without daily pain gave her a unique perspective on living with and fighting off her disease.

Lindsay has a PhD in Analytical Health Sciences and a Master’s degree in Nutrition. She works full-time as a Migraine Strategist and has opened a clinic dedicated to improving the lives of people with chronic migraine. Lindsay is the host for Heads UP: The Weekly Webcast and Podcast of the National Headache Foundation. She also works as a Migraine Medical Writer and published a graphic novel for kids and adventurous adults with migraine called Super Zoe the Migraine Hero, available on Amazon. Lindsay is the founder of a closed Facebook Group for people with migraine called MigraineNation, Headquarters For Those With Chronic Migraine.

    Lindsay’s Latest Medical Posts

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    Colic Linked to Childhood Migraine

    Children with migraine are more likely to have had colic during infancy than their peers who do not experience the painful headache disorder, according to a new

    Treatment Access During a Pandemic

    Are you experiencing and interruption in your Botox treatment due to COVID-19 restrictions? Are you wondering what to do if you do not have access to trigger

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    Latest Podcasts/Webcasts

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    Surviving the Holidays: Heads UP–Episode 79

    The holidays can bring both joy and extra stress. This year the holidays are intersecting with COVID-19, social distancing, package delays, and distance learning. In this week’s

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    Lindsay Speaks

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    Lindsay has the heart of a daily migraine survivor and the mind of a scientist. She loves speaking to groups about the challenges and the overcoming of living a life in pain.

    Lindsay’s real-life stories of migraine sufferers and novel migraine pain tactics will reinvent your outlook and send you along the road to not just surviving, but thriving during your migraine battle.

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    Get Relief

    Migraine Strategist

    Individuals suffering from chronic migraines have goals and desires like everyone else, yet even the simplest accomplishment can seem like the loneliest and most frustrating uphill battle.

    Lindsay draws from her life-long history of daily migraines and her background as a scientist to help people with chronic, debilitating migraines overcome their pain and frustration to lead happy, fulfilling lives.

    Are you ready for your customized strategy?

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