Lindsay has the heart of a migraine sufferer and the mind of a scientist.

She’s had a migraine every day from the age of four until the age of thirty and knows all too well how helpless, defeated, and misunderstood individuals with migraines can feel. Because the medical community was not able to help or diagnose her, she developed and obsession with the relationship between diseases and their causes and treatments at a very young age. This motivated her to earn a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Nutrition and a PhD in Analytic Health Sciences as she progressed in a career as a clinical scientist.


Lindsay vividly remembers sitting in the shadiest preschool swing to avoid the sunlight, and seeing the “strange shapes” of migraine auras floating in front of the chalkboard in grade school. By the time she was a teenager, the constant migraine pain caused her to develop complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) down the right side of her face and body, eventually taking away her ability to participate in athletics. While migraines are still a difficult part of Lindsay’s life, they no longer haunt her as they used to.


Lindsay developed a methodology to get through every phase of her life with migraine disease from preschool to grad school, pregnancy and parenting. Using this experience and her medical science knowledge, she now devotes her time as a Migraine Strategist helping children and adults with chronic migraines decrease the frequency and intensity of their attacks and attain their goals despite their migraine disease.


Lindsay speaks nationally to groups of migraine sufferers and their families, and to doctors and nurses who work every day with patients suffering from unrelenting chronic pain. Lindsay is a medical science writer for the migraine community and regularly works with the National Headache Foundation and the Association of Migraine Disorders. She received a 2018 Advocacy Award from the Association of Migraine Disorders for the publication of Super Zoe the Migraine Hero, a graphic novel for kids with migraines, and for her work for people suffering with debilitating migraines.

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Lindsay receiving the 2018 Advocacy Award from the Association of Migraine Disorders from Dr Rick Godley, MD.