#MigraineAwarenessMonth blog topic for Day 14 is to discuss what helps us NEVER GIVE UP.

  1. I watched my dad have #migraines most of his life and he never gave up.
  2. I had daily migraines from the age of 4 that eventually caused me to have complex regional pain syndrome on the right side of my upper body. I lived in daily fear that my sisters would someday be the same way. I was afraid if I gave up, they would too.
  3. I had genetic testing to try and find the gene causing the problem so I would not pass it on to my offspring, no luck. But instead I found a treatment regimen that helped me (this took 30 years). I felt comforted knowing that I could successfully treat my children if I was ever so unfortunate as to need this. I went on to have two hilarious and awesome children.
  4. My daughter recently turned six. She had her first two migraines in the last two weeks. She is the biggest motivation I’ve ever had to NEVER GIVE UP.